If you’ve ever experienced déjà vu, seen unexplained shadows or light, had the lights dim for no reason or instinctively known something is right or wrong, then you have entered the paranormal realm!

Don’t get freaked, everyone is born psychic but most people lose their abilities before they leave childhood. Suppose though, that you never lost your abilities, but everyone around you told you that what you saw and felt was just imagination?

Would you be scared to be yourself for fear of being labelled a freak and find a way to shut off those abilities? But what if you had the chance, once and for all, to actually confront those shadows that have haunted you your whole life?  That is exactly what happens to my main character in my latest book.

I’m a little bit psychic, not as in being able to predict the future or see the past or anything quite so skilled, and I don’t see ghosts, well not too many, although I do live in a haunted house. BUT, I do smell unexplained smells that I can’t blame on the dogs or kids, see shadows move across the room; have radio channels change and all that malarkey.

The biggest thing for me though, is that people from the spirit world channel messages through me. Not like, ‘can you tell so and so the key to the family fortune is in the fishpond’ or whatever. I have stories channelled through me.

By that I mean I can switch the computer on, stare at the screen or keyboard, and words will appear. Some days I read back what I’ve written with no idea where any of it came from, stuff that I didn’t even realise that I knew!

Much of The Fifth Shadow came to me this way. It is a story which has undergone many reconstructions but the basic theme has been there all along and the more I write, the more I understand what the spirits, one in particular – my grandad – have been trying to communicate through me. 

The first book, Phoenix, is currently in its final edit and will be available soon.

Feel free to subscribe to my blog or leave your details via my website  and I’ll keep you updated on its progress.


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