Hi, I’m Alison Ashley, author of The Fifth Shadow series of paranormal young adult novels.

Here you’ll discover more about me and behind the scenes of my books.

Feel free to explore and leave a comment.

Thanks for dropping by!

Alison Ashley

My Publishing Journey

My first publishing success came at the age of 11 when I had a short story and poem picked up by a local newspaper. Since then I’ve had loads of articles published in books and magazines and finally got my break in 2005 when my first book, No Good at Anything, was published.

This led to more articles and another book, Tanya’s Dream, all of which were written for the primary aged market.

My passion now rests in writing mid grade novels aswell as novels for teenagers and my first YA novel, The Fifth Shadow – Phoenix, has just been published.

For more information  visit http://thepaintedword.com.au


10 responses to “Welcome!

  1. love your website and your blog your devoted fan Terri

  2. Hi Ali,
    Just dropped over to say hi and wish you all the best with your paranormal series :))

  3. Maureen Brown

    I am so proud of you Ali, you have always been
    extra clever. I hope you achieve all you want you deserve it. I love you lots
    Mum xx

  4. Maureen Brown

    Sorry it should have been acheive xx

  5. Maureen Brown

    Or even achieve xx senior moment xx

  6. Found you at last! Greg

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