A New Dimension

A few days ago I had the most enlightening experience regarding the paranormal realm. A friend of mine had been under attack from demons during the night and I felt I could somehow help guard against this happening again.

Not being very experienced in these things, I asked my guardian angels for protection and if they could not just help change my vibrational energy to match my friend’s so I could stand guard, but also if they could summon my friend’s guardians aswell to make sure it was okay for me to help and if they could also help.

Even though I was fully aware that physically I was still safe and sound in my own house,  I was also aware that my spirit was watching over my friend in a completely different house. I was floating beneath their ceiling. Not only that, but my protectors and my friend’s protectors were also there. It was a long and tiring night and I finally felt it safe to leave at 6.00am.

When I spoke to my friend the following day, I was delighted to learn that they’d had a sound night’s sleep and woken refreshed – at 6.00am.

During the experience I really felt as though I’d crossed through solid boundaries to enter a completely new dimension. It’s taken me a few days to actually return to earth but it’s certainly opened my eyes to what really is out there.

If you ever need help, all you have to do is ask 🙂



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