All Roads lead to Rome …

Sometimes on our quest to be published we repeatedly follow the same path, subbing, waiting, hoping then having our hopes dashed. Of course, acceptances do happen and they are absolutely brilliant when they do, but as writers putting our hearts and souls into what we create, that power the publishers seem to have over us, can be torture.

At a conference last year,  a speaker made the comment about there being many roads to Rome. At that point, my mind switched and I contemplated taking a different road to the one I had pursued until that point. A few months later, Phoenix was published. All very wonderful and exciting, particularly when readers ask me when Revival will be out, but it is another turn of events that I write about today.

My book was taken to the Frankfurt Book Fair last month and as a result, Phoenix is now with a New Zealand publisher and a German agent. Something I would never have dreamed possible before I had the actual book! Of course there is nothing definite but regardless of that, I’m just stoked that my book has international appeal.

Add to that the whirlwind chain of events that has seen me launch another side of my career – as an editor! Never in my wildest imagination would I have approached a company to be added to an editorial pool had I not gone down the self publishing road, yet here I am, now busy editing manuscripts for others and loving every minute of it.

If you too are on your publishing journey, don’t be afraid to take a little detour – you never know where it could take you 🙂


3 responses to “All Roads lead to Rome …

  1. Congratulations Alison! you deserve international exposure. I love reading success stories. I found you last night on twitter so joined your following. I love this blog – Inspirational words! Thank-you.

    Hope to see you again at another festival one day.

  2. Sorry Alison if I post this for no effect. I am trying to comment through my facebook account so I can share this post. I have a few writing fb friends who I would like this one. They are contemplating self publishing.

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