Clearing Blockages

I’ve been procrastinating over my final study assignment for a couple of months, it being the examination one and all, but I finally realised that until I actually sat down and finished it, I won’t be able to get on with achieving my goals.

So, today, to clear my head I went for a run with some upbeat music that always  helps me go beyond my limits and finished the run so easily that I knew I was going to have a productive day.

Procrastination tossed into the rubbish bin, I dug out my assignment and focused. Three hours later, the job was done and to my absolute amazement, I actually enjoyed it.

With that blockage cleared from my mind and my to-do pile, I sat at the computer and opened up a blank document, something I’ve not done in a very long time. For the past year I’ve been so stuck on rewriting and editing and stressing about my study that I daren’t let my thoughts stray to something that could lead me even further away from course completion.

The blank document lasted about a zillionth of a micro second as now that I’m open to receiving again, the words just flowed. In just minutes, I had 1,800 words and the beginnings of something totally different to anything I’ve written before.

Life’s good!


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