CYA Conference 10th Sept 2011

Happy to be on the success panel

Happy to be on the success panel

What an amazing weekend I’ve had at the CYA Conference in Brisbane! It’s always so exhilarating being with like-minded people but the extra buzz this year was being invited to speak on the Success Panel with other authors and illustrators who are now published as a result of the CYA Conference and competition.

We each spoke about how CYA has helped us on our publishing journey, and I included how it has also helped me on a personal journey. Who would have thought that in just two years I’d go from being the shy little critter creeping into the conference hoping no one would notice I was late, to someone who would actually accept an invitation to speak to the public.

Demonstrating how NOT to enter a presentation late

My advice to anyone dreaming of being a published children’s author or illustrator is to enter competitions and if possible, attend conferences to learn all you can, and if available, pitch to editors and agents in attendance. Not only will you receive valuable feedback on your work, but you will make contacts with like-minded people and industry professionals.  
My heartfelt thanks must go to the organisers of CYA Conference as they gave not just me, but so many others, the courage and support to fulfil our dreams.
Sometimes I look back over the past couple of years in total amazement of all I have achieved since entering the competition – setting up Warrambucca Books, undertaking an editing and proofreading course, but above all,  being the proud author of my first YA novel, Phoenix.
Thanks CYA!
Tomorrow, Tuesday 13th September, I will be visiting Jelli Beanz Books to talk about Phoenix. Hope you can pop over for a visit too!

6 responses to “CYA Conference 10th Sept 2011

  1. Hi Ali,
    fabulous to meet you in person.
    Loved your brilliant presentation on the success story panel.
    Karen :))

  2. Hi Ali I am so glad that you enjoyed the conference ….you are my number 1 Author…….hugs terri

  3. Hey Ali

    Soooo glad you enjoyed CYA Conference!!!

    Loved your demo of ‘conference etiquette’ and what not to do to make yourself known.

    CYA next year!

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