Book 2

After such wonderful feedback on Phoenix and requests for the second in the series, I have been busy fine tuning the manuscript.

I love the story , again about Katie and her psychic awareness, but wanted to add more to her personal journey as she struggles to decide whether to use her abilities in a situation that presents itself.

So, last night, before I went to sleep, I asked the question aloud to whoever was listening  in spirit, how to add this extra dimension. 

After just one hour of sleep, the answer came to me. Too excited to even fumble for my glasses, I eagerly wrote down the solution in the trusty notepad I keep beside the bed and promptly went back to sleep.

I awoke this morning eager to see if my words made sense or were in fact legible and was delighted that I could indeed read them and yes they were the answer I needed, not just to add the dimension but bring in the much-needed bridge between the second and third in the series, and at the same time deepen the element of conflict.

So, forgive me if this post is short, I have inspiration to attend to!

 See you soon!


One response to “Book 2

  1. Oh Ali,
    I am sooo happy & excited 4 u… & us, ur avid readers & followers of Katie & Ali on their journey through “Phoenix”, & now “Revival”!!! Can’t wait!!! XO

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