Launch Day!


I am so honoured that so many people turned up to support me on my big day. Most were very well known to me, others welcome strangers.


The day was rather a blur and I feel i must apologise if I seemed a little dreamy. It wasn’t from champagne – I didn’t allow myself such an indulgence until we were clearing up after the guests had left!

I must thank all those who rallied behind the scenes and in the face of the public to make the whole thing run so smoothly. I had been a little daunted at the prospect of my first public speaking event and knowing everyone was madly working in the background took all the nerves away from me.

I began the day after a surprisingly good night’s sleep, with a 4km run, then a leisurely walk with my dog. By then, any pre speech nervous energy had been burnt off and to prevent the jitters setting in, I restricted myself to water – no caffeine!

It was overwhelming when people began arriving  30 minutes before the event, eager to buy their books and be one of the first to have them signed, overwhelming and very humbling.

Two very special people were part of the launch ceremony – Gillian Gorrie, both friend and success coach for being  MC and Dee White, again a friend and a terrific author herself who kindly launched Phoenix into the public realm.

Gillian Gorrie, Alison Ashley, Dee White


So it’s official, Phoenix is ready for all to read!

Once again, I thank all those involved in making my day extra special 🙂





8 responses to “Launch Day!

  1. Congratulations Ali on your launch. I had hoped to make it across from Kilmore but wasn’t to be. Glad to hear the day went well. May the launch herald the beginning of a trajectory to fame and fortune for Phoenix! 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Ali. You put in such a lot of work to get your shiny blue book to published stage. So glad you were able to relax and enjoy your launch day. xx

  3. So glad to hear it was such a fantastic day.
    Congratulations again Ali on your amazing achievement!

  4. So happy for you, Alison. The first of many book launches, I’m sure.

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