To the City and Beyond!

Had a great day at the production office yesterday where we (hopefully) have finalised the cover colour.

A three-hour journey to, through and beyond the city gave me plenty of reading, thinking and planning time on the train. Of course, I could have taken the car but the train is so much cheaper and much more relaxing.

After hauling the second page proofs with me and gladly depositing them in the office, I was somewhat daunted at having to bring the next lot home! That’s a fat manuscript to lug around. How much better will it be when it’s in book form!

Daunting as it may be, I was also elated as it brings me yet another step closer to the end product and also shows how on the ball the production team is 🙂

Hopefully by the end of next week we should be ready to go to print!

So, thanks to the gals and guys working madly behind the scenes to make this all happen. Thanks also for the beautiful and yummy lunch!


2 responses to “To the City and Beyond!

  1. you are so very sweet Ali taking notice of how the production team are doing a great job…… can’t wait for book yay hugs Terri

  2. chocol8mamma

    OMG, Ali!!! By the end of nxt week, ur manuscript may be ready 2 publish?!? Fantastic!!! U r sooo clever!!! XO

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