Page Proofs

The first page proofs have just arrived and I can now see exactly how my book will look! Once the initial excitement wears off, my task is to go through the pages, word by word, comma by comma to make sure everything is perfect for the day my novel is finally born.   

The pages are loosely wrapped in the mocked up cover so I’m really glad they are numbered! Probably best not to work outside on a windy day or leave them lying around on the coffee table where the dog’s wagging tail might rearrange the layout.

The typesetter has done an amazing job and a neighbour who just called in was so impressed that he actually remarked on what a nice font it was – very clear and easy to read. It’s not every day someone tells you what a nice font you have! 

Well,  joking aside, I must go do some work so that you too can see my beautifully fonted words!


2 responses to “Page Proofs

  1. I can’t wait to see it….. I am so excited about getting my signed copy
    hugs Terri

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