A young spirit’s message

Sometimes the words that appear on my computer screen bring tears to my eyes. Here’s a poem received from a young boy who temporarily visited me whilst waiting for his grandma’s spirit to collect him.

Warning, have a box of tissues on hand.

When can I come back home, Mummy?

When can I come back home, Mummy, this place I do not know.

I miss you, Mummy and your hugs. Why did I have to go?

I came here on a moonless night, I don’t remember much.

I know I felt a little sick and feverish to touch.

When I woke up in the morning, you cried all over me.

I tried to tell you I’m okay but you couldn’t seem to see.

And now I’m with these people who don’t know why I’m here

I just want to be at home, Mummy, and stop your endless tears.

The two girls where I’m staying are much older than I am.

I found a toy one’s making. She caught me and I ran.

I darted to the passage and she dodged out of my way

I thought I’d be in trouble but her mum said it’s okay.

I turned the taps on in the bath so things would be the same.

But the water stopped, the taps turned off, when someone heard and came.

Last night I was a naughty boy, played with a mobile phone.

I woke them up with its tune when trying to phone home.

When the youngest girl left her room I quickly ran in there

She didn’t expect me on her bed. I think she got a scare.

I told her I was sorry and quickly left her room

She was very sad this morning and said I’d gone too soon.

The people here they cry for me, they know I’ve lost my way.

How I wish you’d come for me and take me home to stay.

They really want to help me here, but don’t know what to do

Please come and take me home, Mummy. I want to be with you.

I didn’t mean to do it, and make you sad and cry.

I only meant to go to sleep. I didn’t mean to die.

The following night, after this was channelled through me, both my daughter and I saw the boy dressed in a red T-shirt holding the hand of an elderly, grey-haired lady. The boy looked over his shoulder as he left and the old lady nodded at me.

We never saw the little boy again and know he’s safe and happy being looked after in the Afterlife.


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