Reviews for Phoenix

“Ohhh, can’t believe it……..the book’s finished and I want to keep reading! I loved it!!!! the way you described the characters, the places – I feel like I am in England. I just felt like I was there involved in their lives. The twists and turns, it was so exciting , I even had a couple of tears.  Have you got another one?” Susan Griffiths 

“Loved it – and it keeps going around in my mind now I’ve finished! I loved the way you think outside the square, and the way you  pulled  all the threads in together. Very unusual. I can see  it being a hit.” Kim Rackham

“Phoenix is an absorbing story that will capture you from the very beginning and leave you longing for more right up until the very end.” Kara Menzies, 17.

“Oh my goodness! It is unbelievable…soooooo soooooo fantastic I cannot even describe. Had to email to let you know it is wonderful. Wonderfuller than wonderful. Gave me goose bumps and I couldn’t stop reading!” Ally Howard 

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