Greetings Cards

Several years ago I created a set of drawings of historical pictures of Romsey, Victoria. These images have now been turned into greetings cards.

completed designThe cards measure approx. 15cm x 15cm and are blank inside. Each card comes with an envelope and cost $5 each (Free postage in Australia). To order or find out more, contact me at




The Truth has set me Free

Determined to write a song to put on my iPod to run to, I tried to force lyrics to come to mind. I knew in my mind how the music should be, but the more I tried to think of words to put with it, the more they retreated.

Eventually I gave up and took the Sunday paper to read in the afternoon sunshine on the back decking.

The sun’s warmth rapidly thawed my frozen creativity and  words flowed with such ease I scribbled them in the narrow newspaper margin.  I typed them, emailed them to my producer who called me straight away to go and sort out the music.

A week later and here it is: 

Not the running song I’d intended, but something much deeper.  Sometimes it pays to just switch the mind off and let the music flow…

Enjoy 🙂

Living with a Ghost

A few weeks ago I went to view a rental property but although the key fitted the lock, it would not open. I and the other hopeful tenant could not look around. Two days later that same key worked but the other person could not make the viewing.

I entered the premises and instantly felt an icy presence. Could I live with this entity? With no other rentals available, did I really have an option?

A fortnight later I moved in. I had the house smudged before I brought my belongings in but that first night, aside from being in a new and strange place, I could not sleep.


The entity kept knocking on the wall behind the bed. Knock. Knock. KNOCK. Persistent. getting louder.

Ear putty did not work. Hiding under the covers was futile. I couldn’t scream as words and sound can’t escape a tight throat.  Each night after that I would ask for protection from my guides, archangels, my grandparents. I’d burn candles, incense, leave my salt lamp on permanently, and sometimes if I was lucky, I’d snatch a few hours sleep before she decided it was time for me to wake up.

On the rare occasion I was allowed to sleep until daylight, I actually thanked her for letting me rest! 

The first weekend I had a party. Lots of good energy filled the place and my unwelcome house share stayed away.

But the next Saturday night  she was back. ANGRY. She chased me away and I had to sleep elsewhere. Sunday afternoon I braved the return. I opened the door trying to be positive and even considered calling out, ‘honey, I’m home,’ but I quickly changed my mind.

Soon afterwards, some friends arrived with smudge sticks, drums and bells and the three of us chased the spirit away. The next morning I looked in the bathroom mirror and thought there was something missing. Although I’d never seen the spirit, I realised it was her reflection that was missing. She was no longer behind me and I was finally alone!

For days the house was clear and warm and I began to settle. Then one night, sitting alone at my computer, I began to write. Words flowed from me, surprising me as I hadn’t written in months. 

A story was unravelling and I was rapt at the fluency but also a little wary of the content. It was the story of the house, the story of the spirit, her life, her making sure I was the only one to be allowed to view it. She wanted me to live here. Wanted me to experience real poltergeist activity. Wanted me to tell her tale. 

Then suddenly, knock, knock, KNOCK. I was a little annoyed as I was going so well at writing that I didn’t want to be disturbed. But there was someone at the front door and I had to go see who it was. 

The front verandah was deserted.

But there was someone there …

A New Dimension

A few days ago I had the most enlightening experience regarding the paranormal realm. A friend of mine had been under attack from demons during the night and I felt I could somehow help guard against this happening again.

Not being very experienced in these things, I asked my guardian angels for protection and if they could not just help change my vibrational energy to match my friend’s so I could stand guard, but also if they could summon my friend’s guardians aswell to make sure it was okay for me to help and if they could also help.

Even though I was fully aware that physically I was still safe and sound in my own house,  I was also aware that my spirit was watching over my friend in a completely different house. I was floating beneath their ceiling. Not only that, but my protectors and my friend’s protectors were also there. It was a long and tiring night and I finally felt it safe to leave at 6.00am.

When I spoke to my friend the following day, I was delighted to learn that they’d had a sound night’s sleep and woken refreshed – at 6.00am.

During the experience I really felt as though I’d crossed through solid boundaries to enter a completely new dimension. It’s taken me a few days to actually return to earth but it’s certainly opened my eyes to what really is out there.

If you ever need help, all you have to do is ask 🙂


Competition Results

For those of you eagerly awaiting the results of Warrambucca Books, Spooky but True Competition, the placings are now up on the website

Congratulations to all who entered. The entries were all outstanding and definitely had the goosebump factor!

Great stuff!

All Roads lead to Rome …

Sometimes on our quest to be published we repeatedly follow the same path, subbing, waiting, hoping then having our hopes dashed. Of course, acceptances do happen and they are absolutely brilliant when they do, but as writers putting our hearts and souls into what we create, that power the publishers seem to have over us, can be torture.

At a conference last year,  a speaker made the comment about there being many roads to Rome. At that point, my mind switched and I contemplated taking a different road to the one I had pursued until that point. A few months later, Phoenix was published. All very wonderful and exciting, particularly when readers ask me when Revival will be out, but it is another turn of events that I write about today.

My book was taken to the Frankfurt Book Fair last month and as a result, Phoenix is now with a New Zealand publisher and a German agent. Something I would never have dreamed possible before I had the actual book! Of course there is nothing definite but regardless of that, I’m just stoked that my book has international appeal.

Add to that the whirlwind chain of events that has seen me launch another side of my career – as an editor! Never in my wildest imagination would I have approached a company to be added to an editorial pool had I not gone down the self publishing road, yet here I am, now busy editing manuscripts for others and loving every minute of it.

If you too are on your publishing journey, don’t be afraid to take a little detour – you never know where it could take you 🙂

Competition Reminder

Hi guys,

This is just to let you know that the Spooky but True competition being run by  will now be closing on 5th December 2011. So you have an extra couple of weeks to work on those creepy, spine-tingling stories!

Happy writing and good luck!